You may not realize that each full moon has a different name for the month it falls in. February’s full moon is called a snow moon since the second month of the year typically sees the highest average snowfall, just slightly behind January. I’m not a scientist so whether that’s because January gains a handicap with the extras days or not, I couldn’t say. And here’s a fun fact: Since the lunar cycle is about 29 days long, February has no full moon once almost every 19 years. Who knew?

Last night we were lucky enough to have a snow moon, and even luckier to have clear skies where I live so that I was able to step outside and see its brilliance. Of course, me being me, I brought my camera out with me. Here are a few of the photos with some haiku to join them. Enjoy!


snowmoon20160012snowmoon20160011 snowmoon20160010

See the ball of light

brilliant against the dark night

Shiver in the cold

snowmoon20160009 snowmoon20160008 snowmoon20160007

Twigs drawing patterns

on a canvas made of cheese

I see sleeping dogs

snowmoon20160006 snowmoon20160005 snowmoon20160004

Sunglasses at night

Mr. Moon incognito

Can’t hide from his light

snowmoon20160003 snowmoon20160002 snowmoon20160001

Spooky trees stretching

They’re dying to reach the light

find eternal peace


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    1. Thanks so much for letting me know you liked it. It was a brilliant moon and I was delighted by the photos, especially since I didn’t even bother to dig out the tripod.

  1. Love the way you emphasise the photos with the text. Winter skies have a special color and I have always love the bare trees better then when they are covered with leaves.

    1. Thanks so much, Lucille. I was pretty pleased with the way the bare branches came into focus against that bright moon. Photos are often an inspiration for me, so I’m glad the haiku worked so well for you.