March is a hard month. On a personal level it’s a vivid reminder of loved ones I’ve lost. Too often it can’t make up its mind as to whether it wants to be winter or spring. Recently, we were spoiled by a couple of those glorious spring days, so I grabbed my camera and went for a walk along the beach in an effort to lift my spirits. Got a bunch of cool photos and this poem to show for my efforts. I hope you enjoy them.

Seagulls’ Party

seagulls on the beach.jpg

The seagulls dance in the surf
and glissade across the sky;
they party with their friends along the shore,
enjoying snails in the sand without need
of butter or garlic, though a loaf or two
of bread would not come amiss.seagullSnail
Seagull chaperones, bored by youthful antics,
watch from the sidelines on the off chance
they might be needed to resolve a dispute.seagulls in a row.jpg

I watch their play from my corner of beach
filled with longing for a life so carefree,
and listen to their off-key chorus,
screeched laughter that mocks me.
I haven’t been invited to the party.
If I try to crash it they would fly away
rather than bear my company.

duskyBeachI wander along the sandy shore,
the crash of the rising tide
the music I dance to
alone in the gloaming.


~Elise Skidmore ©2016

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  1. You almost made me like seagulls, they like pigeons, aren’t very nice to us humans, this was very beautiful, and you have a gift of making your thoughts, picturesque to those of us not so blessed with the gift of the pen..

    1. Thanks, Suz.
      I know seagulls are kind of like the pigeons of the seashore and can be quite nasty (as they undoubtedly would’ve been had I tried to crash their “party”). I wasn’t close to them though–all of those photos were taken with the zoom lens. It all began with the idea of their laughter mocking me.

  2. That was absolutely great because it was so easy to relate to. I loved it. Beautiful pictures. I agree – March is a tough month. Many birthdays, many memories, cold, warm, sometimes it’s Easter month, sometimes not…very nice!!

    1. Thanks so much, Regina. Those two beautiful days we had last week paid off in two nice walks, lots of really neat pictures, and provided inspiration for this poem. I like to focus on the positive, especially these days. 🙂