The theme for World Poetry Day 2024 is “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” and I think all of those who love and write poetry do that every time we put down words. So many brilliant poets have lifted us up and inspired us, and in our small way, we hope to inspire others to stretch their minds and creativity. With that in mind, I give you, Blue Dandelions.

Blue Dandelions

When I was a child
I saw dandelions as flowers, 
not weeds.
My mother told me if I picked them
I'd wet the bed. 
I think she just didn't want me to
bring them in the house. 

When I was a child
I loved to blow the puffy gray balls
and send them flying everywhere.
I was making wishes,
hoping they would all come true.

What kind of wishes did I make?
I really don't remember.
Childish wishes, I'm sure,
because, after all, I was a child.
Did they ever come true?
I'm sure some of them did,
but the adult in me says
that was only coincidence.

I saw a blue dandelion today.
I looked out the window 
and saw the promise of spring.
I wondered what kind of wishes 
do you make on blue dandelions? 
Surely blue dandelions must be magical,
destined for grownup wishes 
that must come true.

I inhaled deeply, pursed my lips,
making ready to blow
millions of happy wishes into the world.
But I still stand with bated breath,
afraid to exhale.

~Elise Skidmore ©2024

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