It’s that time again. Smashwords is celebrating Read An Ebook Week with its big sale. Even if you’re someone who prefers print copies, ebooks are great because they are so portable and work on all of your devices. If you carry a phone, you can have a library at your touch.

You can get thousands of ebooks from your favorite authors (and maybe take a chance on some new ones!) at unbelievable discounts. For one week only, you can get any of my books for 50% off the regular price, so it’s a great time to catch up on any you might have missed.

That means you can get Poems from the Edge of Spring and When Leaves Fall for only $1.49.

Looking for the Light, Moments in Time, Dance of Dreams are only $1.99.

Trio (which is a combo pack of my first three titles) is only $2.99.

And my most recent release, Summer Serenade, is only $2.49.

Hard to beat those kinds of prices, if you ask me.

Click this Smashwords link and you’ll find links to purchase all of them.

This sale only applies to digital books from Smashwords, but for those diehard print lovers, you can find all of the above titles (except for Trio) Amazon.

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