My publisher and I have been discussing my next book. We’re in the early stages, but with the rising cost of printed books, we’ve been debating whether we should keep doing the poetry books the way we have been, or go with a more economical route for my faithful readers. While it doesn’t matter when creating digital books, it does with print; more pages and color ink add up to more expensive paper books.

So I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. Please take a minute to answer the poll, because it’s an important question that will make a difference in how we move forward in putting the next book together.

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  1. Thanks for your question. I almost never buy printed books anymore. Except old books in markets. For me it’s almost 100% ebooks.

    1. Thanks for your quick response, Alan. I don’t buy a lot of print books these days either, which is what makes this question all the more important. I seem to remember when my first book was released, you were delighted with the color photos you were could see on your device, and I was excited that you could see them in color, since I’d only viewed the book on my old Kindle which was only B&W. I think while B&W can be striking in certain pictures, in others, color is so much better. With the ebooks, everyone can see the color, but like so many others, I do like holding a real book, which is what’s creating my dilemma about whether to keep with the color as I’ve been doing, go with B&W, or not have photos at all. I’m hoping the readership will respond to this poll and give me a feel for what the majority would prefer.