I am not ready
but winter will be here soon
Feeling old and cold
dreading the deep morning dark
and nights that come too early

I am not ready
Heat pinging in the baseboards
My hands are like ice
and joints cry uncle in pain
Before long there will be snow

I am not ready
Ready or not it will come
I cannot change that
Pretty pictures are a fraud
Winter is for childhood dreams

I am not ready
nor am I capable of
turning back the clock
I'd need more than one hour
if I'm to dance in the snow

~Elise Skidmore ©2021

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  1. You could be writing from my own inner thoughts on my walk today, even if mine didn’t include much about snow– for sure one hour isn’t enough to replace the bounty that seems to accumulate in the fall like baskets filled with apple!s! — beautifully woven

    1. Thank you so much, thought I must admit I’m not really thinking much of snow myself and am keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature will only think of it in passing.