It's natural on the eve of our 45th anniversary
to be thinking about marriage.
The expectations and realities
aren't always the same,
but there's a lot of crossover.
That's fitting, I think,
for two people who are very different,
but complement each other as we do.

The world was awash with 
light and color 45 years ago,
and we were enveloped in 
a bubble of love where
we floated on dreams 
of what the future would bring. 
We expected nothing less than
a happily ever after,
and mostly we've had that.

Happily ever after doesn't mean
a life without conflict or sadness;
it doesn't mean a world without
worry or day to day drudgery;
it's knowing we can make it through
because we have each other. 

I think about the vows we made:
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
till death do us part,
and know that though we meant them
when we said them,
we really didn't understand 
the depth of what they meant.
Not like we do now. 

I think about how lucky we are
to have made it this far,
still happy to be together
as we travel life's road.
Wherever it leads, I know
we'll get there together.

Happy Anniversary, John. Je t’aime avec tout mon coeur toujours.

~Elise Skidmore ©2021

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