We were sitting on the swing
when my husband said,
“I'd like a mask with Navy on it.”
So today I bought masks.

Not that we needed them;
I bought the disposable ones
months ago which seem
to be lasting well,
probably since I don't
go out in public much,
and my husband spends his days
alone on the couch, working from home.

These days if buying special mask
gives you a little joy,
I say what the heck?
Go for it.
It's not like we're spending money
going out to restaurants
or taking vacations.

Along the search for the USN mask,
I fell into a black hole
of vanity masks.
It's really tough to choose,
but if you don't,
you could end up
spending a small fortune.

When I found one he liked at one site,
I headed to another
where I ordered two for me.
Why not treat myself too?
What's good for the goose
is good for the gander.

Van Gogh's Starry Night and
Munch's Scream
will be shipped to me shortly.
I'm a woman, after all,
and moods can change.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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