Sometimes I feel like
a lonely sparrow on a wire
watching a giant ball of birds
roll across the sky
as the light grows dim
and evening settles in.

Sometimes I feel like
a duck paddling in the water,
avoiding fat geese and tall swans
as raindrops roll off my back,
looking for breadcrumbs
the children leave on the shore.

Sometimes I feel like
an ostrich with my head in the sand
hiding from the world,
pretending I'm safe;
if I can't see them,
they can't hurt me.

Sometimes I feel like
the night birds desperately
gathering friends and family home
before the final gloom descends
leaving them lost and
still searching.

Sometimes I feel like
the phoenix, tired, torn,
and burned to a cinder,
seeking the courage
to rise from the ashes
and fly once more.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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