The world we live in
abounds with anger,
and stupidity.
We are bombarded
at every turn by
those who have
fallen prey
to the gas lighters
who would
like us to believe
this is normal.

I cannot convince them
that this is
that their anger and fear
are the breeding ground
for their stupidity.
I cannot make them see
when they will not
open their eyes.
All the rational discussion
in the world goes nowhere
when people close their minds.

The only thing
I can control
is my reaction
to the insanity
overtaking us.
So as much as I might
like to call them out
for their hatred and stupidity,
for my own peace of mind
I hesitate,
consider the consequences,
choose my battles,
and silently scroll by.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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