The day is dismal.
Heavy rain batters the house
and windows rattle in the wind.
The chaos leaves me cold
and without purpose,
yearning to hide under the covers
until brighter days come along.

That won't do.
Who knows when brighter days
may come, if they ever do?
Idly I scan the CD racks
searching for something
to relieve the malaise.
But what to choose?

I'm not in the mood
for the obvious choices;
favorite oldies or some lively rock
would have me chair dancing
on another day,
but not today.
Listening to the folk music
and singer-songwriters I love
would only break my heart.
What to do?

It's then I stumble on
the Mozart Effect--
a collection of genius
meant to strengthen the mind,
heal the body, and
unlock the creative spirit.
I'm not a huge fan of classical music
but the brilliance of Mozart
is something that cannot be denied.

There are no words,
only the strings,
plucked and bowed,
weaving melodies
that soar and ebb
and dance in gray matter
where all thoughts are born.
Before I know it
my words begin a minuet
across the page.
They sometimes stumble,
but that is not the Master's fault.
Mozart has served his purpose,
and helped me serve mine.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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