I want to live in a world
where prompted to
write a “space poem”
I think of something other than
social distancing,
the space between us,
how much I miss being
in the same room with you,
how I long to hug you again,
and when will this end.

I tell myself
I've been distant
from so many people I love
for a long, long time.
Some live far away
and others live
only in memory,
so this isn't something new.

I tell myself
the internet is a blessing,
that we can engage
with family and friends
in ways we never could
50 years ago,
and long distance phone calls
won't bankrupt us
like they used to.

I tell myself
all these things,
but it doesn't help much.
The space between us
has put me in an eerie place;
I feel like I've landed
in the Twilight Zone or
been trapped in a nightmare
searching for human contact
that never comes.

I tell myself
one day I will wake up
and this will all be over,
but right now,
locked in seclusion's bubble,
that's a hard sell
and I'm not buying it.

I know I'm not alone;
we're all together in
this space between us,
holding tight to each other
with hope we can close the distance
before all hope is lost.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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