We all have many facets, some shine brighter than others. We are what we are.


I Am

I am a daughter,

a sister,

a mother,

a wife.

I am a peacemaker

and a diplomat,

a person who

is use to compromise.

I am a loyal friend,

a conscientious employee,

a terrible housekeeper,

and a lover of words.


I am one

made up of many,

which all of us are.

We are Jacks of all trades,

but masters of none–

or maybe of one.

Of the dozens of people

who live inside each of us,

I think there is always one

core that holds the rest together.


I am a child at my core.

I want to be nurtured and loved

just because I am,

and love unconditionally

just because I can.

I want to feel safe and protected,

without a care in the world

because I know someone older and wiser

has all the answers.


Like all children,

I am good at pretending.

I pretend I am in charge,

that I am strong, when I’m not.

I pretend I’m not worried

about things I cannot control.

I pretend things don’t matter,

when they matter quite a lot.

I pretend I’m not afraid

to spare others fear.

I pretend I am confident and self-assured,

at least for a while.

I’m flexible like that.

I can pretend I am happy

when my heart is breaking.


~Elise Skidmore ©2017

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