I’m pretty sure that most of you are familiar with Facebook, but for those who aren’t, they have a nice little feature called “On This Day,” which brings up things you posted on the same day in the years previous. Today, not one, but two, special events poppedA Dance of Dreams up.

The most recent reminded me that one year ago today, A DANCE OF DREAMS was first published. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Picking a favorite from your own work is hard (kind of like trying to pick your favorite child), but if forced to choose, A DANCE OF DREAMS would be my choice simply because I think it’s a beautiful book. I love the way the dance theme wove its way through in all the little details, and the photo illustrations came out just perfectly. Okay, I admit to being a little prejudiced. It is one of my babies, after all.

The second memorable even Facebook turned up had to do with my first book, POEMS FROM THE EDGE OF SPRING, published back in 2012.

My favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, who has written multiple NY Times bestsellers,  said: “I’ve read POEMS FROM THE EDGE OF SPRING, and can highly recommend it! The sort of book you can pick up for a moment’s respite or inspiration–or just sit and read from piece to piece, always entertained/comforted/made to think. Lovely book!”

I’m still over the moon as I read those words four years later. I’ve known Diana for more than twenty years through Compuserve’s writers forum; she’s the kind of writer other writers want to be when they grow up. That kind of compliment from one of your heroes makes a huge impact and I am forever grateful for her friendship and encouragement over the years.

In a world that’s bursting with negativity, being reminded today of these two happy events is a real lift to the spirits. It brings hope that as time passes, there will always better things to look forward to–we just have to make them happen.

Thank you to all my faithful readers. I’ll do my best to keep writing things you want to read. I hope you’ll continue to spread the word about my books and encourage your friends and family that a little more poetry in the world would be an excellent thing.


Just a reminder–you can find links to purchase all of my books in both digital and print formats here.

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