What with the world in chaos fed by Mother Nature and human politics, I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. I’ve had to get out and get things done, meeting the needs of everyday life, when emotionally I’ve just wanted to play the ostrich and stay as far from the madness as possible. But today I forced myself to pull my head out of the sand for a while. The following is what resulted.


Hiding Out


I’m hiding out

from a world that has gone insane.

I’m hiding out

with slim chance of escape, no doubt.

I can’t out run a hurricane

or flush politics down the drain.

I’m hiding out.


Someone help me

before all hope is leeched away.

Someone help me

find a safe place where I can flee

the fear and anger here today.

Let kindness rule each heart, I pray.

Someone help me.

~Elise Skidmore ©2016

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