What’s better than free books? Not much, if you ask me.

That’s why I want to let you know that Smashwords is running Read An Ebook Week again, starting on March 5th and ending on March 11th. If you head over to Smashwords, you’ll find all sorts of books by a wide variety of authors that you can download at big savings, lots of them are even free.

And that brings us back to the original question– All of my books will be available for download, free of charge. You read that right. POEMS FROM THE EDGE OF SPRING, WHEN LEAVES FALL, A DANCE OF DREAMS, TRIO, MOMENTS IN TIME-22 STORIES, and LOOKING FOR THE LIGHT: HINDSIGHT IS 2020 are absolutely free.

It would be so great if you took advantage of this opportunity to read my books. And while it isn’t required, I’d be oh, so, grateful if you’d post a review at Amazon or Goodreads or whatever is your go-to review site. Authors depend on readers to spread the word about their work. Your voice matters.

This link will take you directly to my page at Smashwords, where you’ll find all my books listed. While you’re there, check out all the other great options available. Who knows? You might find your next favorite author.

Remember these saving are only for Read An Ebook Week, March 5-11, 2023.



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