When I was young I wrote poetry
in a snow globe;
a lone scribe huddled over her desk,
writing poems I wanted no one to see,
where a whirlwind of snow engulfed me
so complete no one would see
even the tiniest glimpse of magic
that might flow from my pen.

Now I am old and I've learned 
I must polish my snow globe, inside and out,
because I want everyone to see my words.
I do not fear the sparkling dance of glitter
that has replaced the thick, flat, blinding flakes;
I embrace the swirls of light 
as they entice you to come closer,
shake the globe,
and see what I have to say.

If you look long enough,
and close enough,
you might join me inside,
where we can observe miracles,
large and small, together.

~ Elise Skidmore ©2022

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