There's a game call “Truth or Dare,”
I've never played, but seen it in lots of movies.
I imagine if I did play, it would be very boring.
Honesty is the best policy is my hallmark,
so I'm pretty sure I'd always choose truth.
I call myself a Goody-Two-Shoes
in a self-depreciating way.
I'm not a big risk taker,
I stay between the lines, 
and follow the rules.
I was raised to tell the truth,
which makes life easier 
than when you have to keep track of lies.
It also makes you trustworthy and I like that.
I can't remember ever being dared to do anything;
if I have been, it probably didn't change my mind
about doing it or not.
That's just not me.
If you say that makes me a wimp,
that's okay—
I'll stay in my corner with my burger
and let Popeye handle the daring-do.

~Elise Skidmore ©2022

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