We don't get many trick-or-treaters,
and I always say 
I'm not going to buy any candy,
it's a waste of money.
While we never had a lot
of kids knocking on our door,
there was one year 
I made up thirty bags
and all thirty disappeared—and then some.
Mostly though, we've had fewer than ten.
In the past three years 
we've had a total of four;
2021 brought zero kids to our door.
Odd that, because I watched kids
knocking on my neighbors' doors.
I started to think our house was invisible.
But back to the point.
Every year I say I won't waste money
buying candy I don't need,
and at the last minute I cave in,
picking up a bag or two 
of Snickers, Twix, or Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
Just in case.
If I'm going to have leftovers, 
they're going to be worth eating.
So it's two days into November
and my husband and I have been picking—
mostly me, if I'm being honest.
On the positive side, 
it could all have easily been devoured
the day after Halloween,
so the fact that there's still candy in the bowl, 
taunting me every time I walk by,
is a praiseworthy accomplishment. 
It means I'm showing some restraint. 
A little anyway.
If I take one, I'll take two. 
They are the mini Snickers, after all,
and who eats just one side of a Twix?
And if I can't decide which I feel like,
I might take one 
(or two, if I'm being honest)
of each.
Just telling you about all this
has me yearning to head downstairs
and grab a few bars.
Having to go up and down stairs
burns a few calories, right?
Chocolate is calling
with its sweetest siren song.
Who am I to turn a deaf ear
to such a beautiful thing?

Elise Skidmore ©2022

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