In Your Arms

Dedicated to my mother, Gladys Irene Sprathoff, 1919-2001.

You hold the baby with loving arms. 
Pressed against your ample bosom,
there is only comfort and peace.
This child knows it is safe,
wrapped in the arms of love.
This picture is so vivid,
like I've fallen through a portal
to another time when the world
was young and brighter
for your being in it.

That is the way it always was,
from your early days
until your last.
Everyone knew 
you loved the little ones
and they loved you.
Even the most fretful child 
felt secure when you took them up
and sang soft and sweet in their ear.

Young mothers were always grateful
when you worked your magic.
Your smile and kind chatter
worked on them all, 
and many a time you were 
a happy distraction for a
cranky toddler whose mother
was at the end of her rope.

In one way or another,
you are always in my thoughts,
but today is a little different.
Today would've been your birthday
and I can't help but think
how thrilled you would be to know 
your first great-great-granddaughter
will arrive in a few short months. 
I imagine you holding her close,
sending her into the world 
wrapped in love, 
smothered in kisses,
safe in your loving arms.

Elise Skidmore ©2022

Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom. I miss you every day.

In my mother’s arms
She was never happier than when holding a child
Two at once wasn’t a problem
She loved them all.

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