The holidays are coming fast upon us. We’re already being bombarded by Christmas commercials on TV and some of the radio stations are playing non-stop Christmas music. The news and other social media are telling everyone to shop early because of Covid-19 induced back-ups on shipping and shortages. We get it. I know for me the problem is often I don’t know what to get for people. We all want to give a gift that’s special, something they’re not likely to have already, and maybe something that’s a little unexpected.

(Full disclosure—what follows is a bit of blatant self-promotion, which doesn’t come easily to me, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. I promise to be brief and hope you’ll stick with me.)

Books make wonderful gifts. Most likely you wouldn’t be visiting this blog if you weren’t a reader, so you know that already. All of my books are available in digital and print copies, and make great gifts for those who love stories and poetry. They even appeal to those who don’t think they like poetry, or so I’ve been told. One of the things I like about short stories and poetry is that you don’t need a lot of time to read them. Great for when you’re sitting in a waiting room or car with a few minutes to kill. The poetry volumes are also filled with beautiful color photographs and make great coffee table books.

You’ll find links to all of my books below, and if you know someone who might be interested, please share this with one and all.

Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020

Moments in Time-22 Stories

A Dance of Dreams

When Leaves Fall

Poems from the Edge of Spring

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season filled with love and joy!

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