Shrouded in weariness
 that engulfs my senses,
 and dark so deep  
 only the red glow  
 of the clock on the nightstand
 hints that my eyes are still open,
 I cannot sleep.
 My brain will not rest.
 I am jealous of the rhythmic snores
 of my husband asleep beside me;
 it is only love and the effort involved  
 that keeps me from urging him to roll over.
 I lay awake listening
 to the rumble of thunder
 over the water
 and think Hollywood Foley artists
 have gotten very good at their job.
 I think of getting out of bed
 to write down the thoughts
 tumbling through my head with the thunder,
 but it is late and the alarm is set for an early rise.
 Then the rain comes,
 not the gentle rain that brings peace,
 but fast and heavy, coming in sheets  
 like a waterfall or waves breaking on the shore.
 I glance at the clock and curse,
 knowing I'll be shadowed by exhaustion  
 when tomorrow comes.
 A breeze flutters the curtains
 and the scent of summer rain fills the room.
 I close my eyes and hope
 the waves will lull me to sleep.

~Elise Skidmore ©2021

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