It’s been a long time since I released a new poetry book, five years to be exact, but the wait is over. Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020 is officially out in the world.

2020 was a rough year for all of us and writing the poems in this book were a big part of what kept me going. The book covers a variety of topics and moods, some solemn, some silly, and is filled with beautiful color photos taken by yours truly. I hope you’ll find that even on those down days, we looked for the light together.

Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020 is available in all ebook formats, as well as in paperback. And for the first time we’re experimenting with a limited hardcover edition, which is very exciting.

So share the good news with everyone and follow the link to order your copy now.

Note—We tried to make the print versions as affordable as possible, but after five years of inflation and COVID 19, the cost of full color print on premium paper has gone up considerably. Should you decide to splurge on one of the print versions, I’ll be happy to send you a free signed bookplate. Just use the contact page link.

Looking for the Light: Hindsight is 2020 by Elise Skidmore - shows dragonfly over candle

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