Too often these days
I find myself
fighting sadness
that threatens
to drag me into an abyss
where all hope
has gone to die.

When the world
seems most bleak,
my best weapon
is to call sweet memories
of brighter days,
lasso them with gossamer thread,
and gather them close
in a bundle of joy.

Today I caught the memory
of happy kisses,
as delicate as soap bubbles
floating in the sunshine,
iridescent rainbows,
there and gone in an instant,
leaving me covered
in smiles and,
like a child, wanting
to do it again and again.

I do not know what
tomorrow may bring.
I doubt the world
will grow bright overnight.
But I have a lifetime
filled with happy memories
to fight what sadness comes.
For now I will bask
in soap bubble kisses
and imagine love
floating on the breeze.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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  1. Loved the soap bubbles reference. Perhaps happiness & sadness are momentary soap bubbles that keeps Interchangeing in our lives.