It's been quite a while
since I read a book.
No, that's not right.

I read books all the time;
I listen to them on audio
almost every day and,
to a lesser degree,
I've read many books
in their digital forms,
though it took me a while
to succumb to the lure
of my Kindle.

I have to admit I've been spoiled
by easy access to definitions
of words I'm not sure of,
and best of all,
the ability to enlarge the print
to something that gives
my old eyes a break.

But it's been a good long while
since I've picked up a book
in old-fashioned,
hard copy print.

So when my birthday came
and I received a subscription
to a book club that
not only sends you a book,
but little gifts to open as you read,
I was intrigued
and motivated by curiosity.

As I held the new book in my hands,
I remembered the feel
of new, smooth, unspoiled pages,
I used to revel in before
the age of audio and digital.
I needed to remind myself
to sit in the light
so I could read the small print,
and recall how to hold the book
in a way it would be easy to read
without crumpling those lovely new pages.

Once I was settled
and comfortable in my chair,
I set about the joy
of falling into a new story,
and wondering where it would lead.
Before long I'd reached the place
where I could open the first little gift,
a lovely complement to highlight
the written words.

There are more surprises
waiting as I turn the pages,
but the best gift
is being reminded
of how special it is
to feel a book
solid in your hands,
while the world
dissolves around you.

Elise Skidmore ©2020

Author’s note—If you’re interested in learning more about the Once Upon A Book Club, just click the link. This is not meant to be advertising and I get no kickbacks from them. My only thought is that it would be easier for you to read what they’re all about than me trying to explain the details.

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  1. Did not tell you, when I read the hard copies of The Gunslinger, I thought it was better, love ya!

    1. LOL. I don’t know that it makes a difference if the book is good anyway, but it has been a while since I picked up an actual book rather than my Kindle to read a book. It did feel nice, once I got used to it again.