I watch CBS Sunday Morning
online at my desk
instead of on the big screen TV,
sitting in a comfy chair,
to avoid political virus updates
that go on for an eternity.
Thirty years ago this would
have been impossible;
young children and no internet
being the reality of the day.

It is a brief island of tranquility,
even if the stories are told
from a good social distance.
I've always enjoyed it,
but these days it holds
a special place in my heart.
It's become one of the small treasures
I look forward to and I am grateful
for the internet that lets me watch undisturbed,
an escape from reality's madness.

Maybe it's a sign of aging.
All those years ago
I was preoccupied with life
as it whizzed past me—
raising my family,
taking care of the day to day.
Chaotic sometimes,
and there were times
I wished to just be left alone,
to be myself, for sure.
Still, I never dreamed
of being young again,
the way my mother wished I was,
and I didn't understand—
These days it seems like
happiness is in the past.
Memories of childhood,
my own and my children's,
bring smiles and longing.
Oh, to be that innocent
and carefree again!

I know
there is still happiness
in the world,
that there is joy
in the blossoms of spring,
the good news of friends
beating diseases that could've
killed them, but didn't,
and young people
committing to love's promise.

I know there is hope.
I feel it revived and thriving
as I sit down to watch
CBS Sunday Morning,
and I am grateful
for the little joys
that keep us moving forward
to brighter days ahead.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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