It was probably good advice
for Julius Caesar,
but like most good advice
it went unheeded.
Personally, I'm wary
of the entire month.

I realize for many
March is a delight;
it means spring
is almost here.
Spring brings life,
and where there is life
there is hope.

Mostly I think that's true,
but I'm still not a fan.
It is a month of loss
and melancholy for me.

The month is half gone,
but the sadness of March
has become pandemic,
as it slowly marches on
like a soldier slogging
through muddy battlefields
looking for solid ground.

Perhaps April will be better,
but for now
I'll still beware.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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    1. March has long been a hard month for me, but this year it’s been killer, and not just metaphorically for too many. I cannot believe it’s only mid-month. If feels like it’s been forever. Thanks for your comments–always appreciated.