The connected world we live in
has its advantages for sure;
we can engage with others
from all around the globe,
and gather knowledge
from across the universe.

But its disadvantages are legion.
Too often we are left
with a dirty taste in our mouth
by the never ending vomit
spewing from our screens.
We yearn for relief--
a Pepto-Bismol for the soul.

Doctors prescribe all sorts of pills
to battle our depression;
some of them even work.
But I prefer my own
over the counter remedy,
less costly and
with no adverse side-effects.

I sit back and zone out,
remembering Maui,
and the world goes away.
The Garden of Eden made real,
blue skies and bluer water,
with smiles and rainbows
at every turn.
I see millions of stars
in the pre-dawn dark,
and am awed again
as the sun rises above the clouds.

These things are not
flat photos in a book
or computer slideshow;
they are 3-dimensional.
I am there,
and all my senses are
alive and at peace.

For your mental health,
I urge you to find that place
that makes you whole.
Wherever it is,
go there as often as you can,
even if it's only in spirit
or between the pages of a book.
Take the time to clear your mind
so you can face the reality
of the world we live in.

~Elise Skidmore ©2019

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