Reflections at Year’s End

We think endings are sad,
and oft times they are.
Something glorious is finished.
A good book.
A fine meal.
A friendship.
A life.

But bad things end too
in life’s roller coaster.
As we dip into the lows
we manage to survive
because we know
the upswing will follow;
deep down we know this
even when the lows
seem to linger forever.

The year is nearing its end.
We look back to see good and bad,
feeling lucky when we remember
more smiles than tears.
We judge whether it’s been
a good year or a bad one,
when in reality it’s been neither–
only another year.

One year ends,
another begins.
Beginnings and endings
are the yin and yang of life.
One fuels the other.

Ask the sunset if endings are beautiful.
Hear the hallelujah of the sunrise.
Always remember that life is hope.

Whether you spend your New Year’s Eve quietly at home or out partying with friends, I hope you will find a moment to remember the good and put aside the bad of the old year. Enter into the new year with a heart filled with hope and a desire to make your life the best it can be.

Happy 2019! May it be filled with much love, laughter, and good health!

~Elise Skidmore ©2018

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