The April PAD challenge hasn’t been going as well as I’d hoped. Real life has interfered and I’m a few poems behind schedule–but the optimist in me says I can catch up before time runs out. So to prove I haven’t been totally out of the loop, I thought I’d share this one with you. To my fellow optimists out there–keep fighting the good fight!


Optimist’s Lament


The pessimist is used

to living on the dark side.

Murphy’s Law is his motto,

and he knows that whatever

can go wrong—will go wrong.


It’s more difficult for the optimist,

who finds positives at every turn.

There are always the moments

when negativity creeps in the back door,

like an unwanted and unplanned for guest,

trying to eat away at our happiness.


The optimist must be vigilant,

guarding against the self-doubt

trying to sneak in unawares,

eat away our joy, and leave us starving

for the joy that makes life worth living.


The optimist knows this well.

He is not blind the truths of the world.

Only sometimes he wishes

it wasn’t so hard.

~Elise Skidmore ©2018

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