To Retail Workers in December


Even though I’ve never worked retail
I know your job isn’t easy.
Your hours are crazy,
you’re on your feet all day,
and a lot of people are downright nasty.
I get it. I feel for you. I really do.
I’ve been behind the person
who wants you to make exceptions
on store policy, then gets furiouscustomer-yelling-at-a-cashier--Stock-Vector-angry
when you don’t comply.
I’ve seen the people letting their kids
mess the display you’ve been straightening
nonstop since before Thanksgiving.
I’ve watched adults ransack shelves
looking for a particular size without caring
that someone has to refold their chaos.
Too many times you’re on the receiving end
of a lot of people’s bad day.
I get it. I feel for you. I really do.

There are a lot of us who understand
and try to make your life a little easier if we can.
We smile and make polite conversation,
or commiserate when the obnoxious person
who was ahead of us in line is finally gone.
We hand back the correct change when
in your haste and exhaustion you make a mistake.
We say thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas,
or a happy holiday, or just a plain old have a nice day.
I’d like to think there are more of us, than the rude ones.
I know the pressure is on to keep the line moving,
maybe you’re not feeling well, or have a headache,
or it’s just the end of another long shift,
and if you hear that Christmas carol loop
one more time you just might lose your mind,
but try to remember that we’re people too.
We’ve probably worked all day
and don’t feel much like shopping either,
but we’ve got people counting on uscashier
to make their holidays bright.
A friendly smile goes a long way
to brightening someone’s bad day.
Who knows?
You might manage
to kill a bad mood or two
with kindness.

A grateful consumer


~Elise Skidmore ©2015

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    1. Very nice and very true ..worked retail some and yes around Christmas its the worst time and the Best time and yes I get it.