Since the news last night of the latest terrorist attack on the city of Paris, my brain has been reeling. I can’t stop thinking about the shock and terror those who are there must be feeling. For the first time since WWII, the city is virtually closed. Every time I look, the death count seems to be higher. I do not understand the madness that lets people think it’s okay to kill hundreds of innocent people. To tell the truth, I’m glad I don’t understand it; to understand it might mean I’m as mad as they are.

Amid the horror, I saw a video clip of the fans leaving the stadium near where the bombings took place. They were singing La Marseillaise as they went, walking proud, cheering each other on. I saw stories of people reaching out to help in whatever ways they could, donating blood to help the injured, and so many, many people who just want to let the French people know they are with them during this dark time.  We weep with them, we pray for them, we stand with them together against these evil forces. There is still hope for the world as we stand together in the face of darkness.


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