And So It Begins…

October with its anniversaries and Halloween ghoulishness is over, here in the US we start anticipating Thanksgiving. November 1st turns out to be National Authors Day, and for poets like me, the PAD (aka Poem A Day) Challenge begins. It seems like I’ve gotten to a good start this year in that regard as today’s prompt of “the day after” (taken from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides) proved to be truly inspirational for me. It’s not often that I write three poems in one day, so to celebrate such an auspicious beginning, I’ve decided to share the two haiku with you.



After Halloween
my leftovers dilemma–
devour or share?


Turn back all the clocks,
an illusion of time gained.
How did you use it?ILPoetrybuttons
~Elise Skidmore
October 2015


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