When Leaves Fall poemWHEN LEAVES FALL is the title poem from my last book. I thought I might give you another small taste of fall that will be included in the new book, A DANCE OF DREAMS.

Summer Concealed

Summer is not dead.
Concealed beneath fallen leaves
of autumn she sleeps
deep in the long cold winter.
Snow blanket insulation
nurtures and revives
bulbs and seedlings that need rest
in order to thrive.
Everything has its season;
rainbows exist though unseen.

~Elise Skidmore ©2015

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    1. Thanks, Suz!
      While we’ve had cool evening temperatures over the past week, today is the first day it’s felt like fall to me. Temperatures in the mid-60s and bright sunshine make for a perfect fall day. It’s no surprise that autumn is my favorite season.