I try to be useful,
a real friend who makes life better,
revealing the beauty and goodness
all around you.
And what do I get for my trouble?
I'm never good enough.
It's never your fault when
you can't see the small print anymore
because your prescription's expired.
You bitch and moan
when I'm smudged or dirty,
as if I had the ability to clean myself.
Hello? My arms are behind your ears!
You get frustrated when you can't find me;
I'm still in the same place you left me,
which is often sitting on the top of your head.
And thank goodness you don't have to wear the masks anymore.
If I heard you complain about me fogging up one more time...
Do you think I enjoyed doing that?
I have no control over science, you fool!
You complain how expensive I am—have you priced Lasik surgery?
If I make you that miserable,
just see how far you get without me.

~Elise Skidmore ©2024

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