I saw a young chef on TV
with wild dreadlocks curled
on the top of his head.
Probably, when he wasn't cooking,
he let them dangle this way and that,
a living thing, wild and free.
But wrapped on the top of his head,
it reminded me of a bird's nest.
I could easily imagine a mother bird
feeding her chicks in the middle of it.

My brain being what it is,
one thought led to another,
and suddenly I heard my mother
as she combed through my hair,
complaining about the rat's nest
of tangles she was working through.
I'm pretty sure I said the same thing
as I tried to untangle my daughters' hair
when they were little.

I hate rats.
If something is making a nest in hair
I like the idea of birds much better,
though in reality I'd really hate
to have anything nesting in my hair.
Just the thought makes me itch,
and my thoughts went on a new tangent,
to monkeys grooming each other.
They probably feel the same way
about critters in their hair as I do.

Elise Skidmore ©2024

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    1. I did not know that–must’ve totally missed it. I’m forever boggled by what gets put out there as high fashion. Plain ol’ simple me, is enough. Thanks for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed this one. It always surprises me when a poem I did expect much reaction from strikes a chord with people.