I met The Beatles long before
I met my husband,
and since my husband and I
have known each other for 50 years,
that's saying something.
In both cases, it was love at first sight.
They are the soundtrack of my life,
there through all the changes,
the good, the bad, the happy, the sad.
It's no surprise my favorite song,
from the first time I heard it in 1965,
is a Beatles' song.
It touched me at eleven years old,
and even though its meaning has changed
and grown with me,
it's still fills my soul.

The Beatles' “In My Life”
was our wedding song,
and it's the only song
that will guarantee my husband
will ask me to dance to.
Our children grew up knowing
how much this song means to us.
My youngest was secretive
about the music for her wedding;
when her father walked her down the aisle,
while her sister played guitar and sang
“In My Life”
there was a lump in my throat,
and tears streamed down my face.
We have come full circle.
In my life,
I love you more.

~Elise Skidmore © 2024

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