I watch the leaves fall,
as they show us 
how beautiful letting go can be.
They make it look so easy 
to move forward,
floating down in a graceful dance,
drifting wherever the wind blows.
They don't know where they'll end up.
It might be huddled together on a forest floor,  
waiting for nature to put them to use.
They might be raked and shoved into bags,
or possibly burned and transform into smoke.
They might be caught in some car's windshield
and travel to places they never dreamed of.
Like the leaves we can never know
what the future holds;
seasons change
and we must change too.
We can only hope to embrace it
with the beauty and grace
the leaves display so effortlessly.

Elise Skidmore ©2023

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  1. Beautiful — and “YES” I agree — how beautiful letting go can be — embracing change with grace — the poem captures the essence of change…