In recent weeks 
I've spent a lot of time
reliving the past.
I've scoured photos albums
and reread poems
written long ago. 
Each glimpse brings
a flood of memory.
I remember 
what inspired the words
and events that transpired
before and after each photo.
I wander a little further down the path
with each turn of the page.
I stare at the memories
as they stare back at me,
daring me to never forget.

Long-time readers of my poetry are probably aware that memory plays a big part in them, and those who know me apart from my poetry, know that I’ve had a camera ready to snap photos long before smartphones made them ubiquitous. I can’t say I fully understood why I did that when I was young, but I think there’s always been a part of me that knew how precious each moment is and wanted them all to last forever. Or maybe, I just wanted to be able to remind myself of all the wonderful moments I’ve had and the people who made them happen.

~Elise Skidmore ©2023

To revisit another of my “memory poems,” check out the video below of my reading of The Persistence of Memory, which appeared in A DANCE OF DREAMS.

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