We don't see many ice cream shoppes anymore,
the kind with the long counters and spouts for soda water,
and the spindled mixer where soda jerks
created real malted milk shakes.
You could watch them scoop and double-scoop 
a cone of your favorite flavor, 
maybe splurge and have sprinkles too.
As you licked your cone just fast enough
that it wouldn't melt down your arm, 
but just slow enough to savor every mouthful,
you might be lucky enough to watch
a banana split or hot fudge sundae being created,
like a heavenly dream, right before your eyes.

In their heyday, the ice cream shoppe
was a place where families went on an outing,
and children lucky enough to have some change
stopped on their way home from school.
They were safe havens for teens to meet:
boys watching the girls as they licked their ice cream cones,
girls watching the boys watching them, 
head to head and giggling with delight.

These days, if ice cream stores exist,
they're usual take away, with no seating space 
to take your time and commune with others.
The world bombards us and we're in too much of a rush.

But there is something magical about an ice cream sundae.
It never ceases to amaze me how
even when we are grown,
being served an ice cream sundae
with our favorite topping,
plus whipped cream and--
don't forget the cherry,
can turn us all into children again.

~Elise Skidmore ©2023

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  1. You are right, if you go to Carvel there’s no place to sit and enjoy your ice cream, by the time you get to your car with this very hot days is already melting. We miss those days.

    1. Going to an ice cream parlor with my family as a kid is one of my fondest memories. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed this one.

    1. Thanks Rosemary! To be honest, after writing that I had to run an errand and I stopped at Carvel on my way home. Sat in my car to enjoy it, but the ice cream was still magical.

  2. Love this – summer time treats for sure and good memories
    In my area, we have a homemade ice-cream shop called Coyles Ice-Cream which creates the old-fashioned counter and booths. Used to visit a lot with AJ when he was young – now it’s grab and go at Baskin Robins or the grocery store ice-cream purchase. Friendly’s every once in a while. Those days of sitting down and enjoying a treat are long gone. Nice to be reminded of the simple things.