However you spend your Memorial Day Weekend, I hope you enjoy the festivities, but remember to take a few minutes to quietly remember those who made the greatest sacrifice so you could.

Through Their Eyes

Through the eyes of those 
who made it home alive,
we see the eyes of those 
who did not.
We make a show of remembering
what they cannot forget.

But it's all pretense
to make us feel less guilty
that we live in freedom
they paid for with their blood.

The eyes of those
who made it home alive,
hold a thousand stories, 
written in a language
most of us will never know.

In our ignorance 
we celebrate them.
We march in parades 
and lay wreaths.
Our intentions are good.

We like to think those
who never made it home
know we have not forgotten.
And we haven't.
You can't forget what you never knew. 

But we will stand beside those
who made it home alive,
with respect and gratitude,
as they remember 
what they cannot forget.

~Elise Skidmore ©2023

silhouette of soldiers walking

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