It's been that kind of a day,
filled with aggravations,
large and small—
and I haven't even looked
at an actual news report!
Maybe it's because last month
was mostly filled with happy interactions
that these things are getting to me today.
Can you lose the knack of dealing with bad news?
Thankfully, none of the bad news
was truly devastating 
or had life-threatening consequences.
Mostly just annoyances.

I suppose that's why I've had
“Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News”
from The Wiz as my ear worm
for the past three hours.
Ear worms, in general, 
tend to be annoyances on their own,
but this particular one is unique.
When my eldest was in high school,
she was cast as Evilene,
the wicked witch in The Wiz;
when she performed that song
it was a show stopper.
Whenever I hear it,
I can see her on stage
and it makes me smile.
So hearing it in my own head
is a pleasant distraction until 
some of the current bad news disappears.
It must have worked
because I just got notified
my problem's been solved.

~Elise Skidmore ©2022

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