Emily Dickinson said
all we know of love is
that love is all there is.
I distinctly remember that
because it was written 
on our wedding invitations.
King Solomon wanted to be comforted
with wine and apples 
because he was sick of love. 
I'm leaning a little on the king's side these days.
It's not that I don't feel the love anymore,
because I definitely do;
it's all around me.
But people profess love 
for anything and everything;
it's so ubiquitous it's losing its significance
and it's not nearly as impressive as it once was.
Don't misunderstand. 
I believe in love.
To steal a line from The Bard,
my love is boundless as the sea;
I want to feel its waves wash over me,
until I am breathless and panting for air.
Too much? Maybe?
Maybe I'm not tired of love,
only the banal talk.
Let us sit by the ocean,
sharing apples and wine,
and wait for the sea to swallow us.

~Elise Skidmore ©2022

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  1. Interesting take Elise, for me lately it has been seeing people professing so much hate for things and lashing out over nonsense , maybe it is more because of the evolution of the interwebs but anyway this works great, especially the ending.

    1. Thank you, dab! It was written for a prompt as all of the poems posted for the April PAD challenge were, i.e., to write a love poem or an anti-love poem. This is what came out that day. Like you, I think the world is filled with too much hate these days. I’m definitely pro-love, the real kind, not just the “Oh-I-love-your-shoes!” kind. So wonderful to see your pixels here. I really love that.