I like chocolate and champagne,
though not necessarily at the same time.
Milk chocolate is best—
complemented with salted caramel
turns best into bestest.
I'm not really fussy about chocolate,
except for dark chocolate,
which I don't like at all, 
and if you gave me a choice 
between Godiva and Lindt,
Lindt wins every time.

I'm not terribly fussy 
about my champagnes either,
though I can tell the difference
between cheap and expensive.
Korbel is good when you're counting coins;
Moët is a bit more expensive and a sentimental favorite,
with Veuve Clicquot coming in a close second there,
so cost doesn't really enter the picture.
Mumms and Taittingers are very good too.
People rave about Dom Pérignon 
but the truth is I wasn't impressed.
Not to my taste at all,
I haven't had an opportunity
to try Cristal yet, but
I wonder if those who rave about it and the Dom
see something special in the taste that I don't,
or they just want to make an impression
on those around them. 

Ah, well, as the French say,
à chacun son goût.
~Elise Skidmore ©2022

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    1. Lisa,
      I don’t think you need a really expensive one to enjoy champagne. Like I said in the poem, I did a taste test once that included Dom Perignon and neither John nor I thought it was anything to rave about. We liked the Moet much better. I will say, if you tried Andrés, you need to pay a little bit more. Korbel runs about $17 a bottle here. Moet and the Veuve Clicquot about twice that. I like the bubbles. 🙂

      1. See… I generally get my bubbles in diet coke. Or the amazing new flavors I found after the pandemic made caffeine free diet products so hard to find. I found a company called Warren Corp – Ralph’s sodamix. They have a whole line of caffeine free diet drinks. Too many bubbles for me. When the pandemic made the CO2 cartridges hard to get, my husband bought a big tank and wired up my sodastream to it. There are just some things that are required for peace. It is silly how important that became! But I gotta say…those bubbles are sure soothing!

        1. I generally get my bubbles from Diet Coke or Pepsi too–along with my caffeine. It’s weird, but if I’m out of soda and am drinking iced tea or whatever for a while, I feel like I get withdrawals from the lack of bubbles. 🙂

    1. Ha- I have notice Prosecco sales have been increasing – really big for Mother’s Day this year so I have been adding more to my offerings.

      1. Dab–I bought a bottle of champagne for a couple who just got engaged 2 weeks ago and was stunned by how hard it was to find a bottle of Moet. Apparently, it’s getting difficult to acquire–or so the liquor store where I finally found a bottle told me. The price has jumped too. Another thing they blame Covid for.
        Enjoy the Prosecco–it’s a lot easier, not to mention cheaper, to find.