What does the future hold?
 It used to be exciting to  
 ponder the possibilities.
 Maybe I would travel the world
 and meet a handsome prince
 who would sweep me away
 to a place where fairy godmothers
 made all wishes come true.
 Alas, experience has proved
 that fairy tale dreams don't come true,
 and godmothers seem to have lost
 the fairy powers they once might have had.
 I did find my handsome prince,
 whose smile sent my soul soaring
 to the moon and back again.
 Thankfully, his magic hasn't waned.
 But these days the future
 isn't nearly as exciting to ponder.
 The pipes are backing up
 and I'm waiting for the cesspool guy,
 who might be the next handsome prince
 in my life if he can assure me
 I will be able to flush the toilet
 without drama and plungers on standby.
 Beyond that, who knows? 

~Elise Skidmore ©2021

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