This is the day
where I will do nothing.
Nothing is required of me.
I don't have to go anywhere
or do anything.
All the “must do”s
were done yesterday.
Even though it wasn't required,
I brushed my teeth and got dressed—
later than I normally would--
but as part of my small rebellion
I passed on wearing
every woman's torture—a bra.
Too much information, you say?
Sorry if I offend your sensibilities—
not really, but I was raised to be polite,
and even though I don't have to do anything,
some things are so deeply ingrained,
like toilet training and good manners,
that it's just natural to comply with the standards.
This is the day
I will do, not what I must,
but what I choose.
So I wrote this poem.
I might write another
if the muse whispers in my ear,
or I might put my feet up
and watch TV or read a book.
I might share a bottle of wine
or treat myself to a margarita.
I might just stare out the window
and watch the world go by.
Tomorrow will be here soon enough,
and I will be pulled into the rat race again but
This is the day
where I will do nothing.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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