They say don't look back,
the past is behind you,
focus on the future.
It isn't bad advice.
We can't change the past,
and the future is limitless possibility.
But each of us exists on a timeline
that begins with birth
and ends at last breath.
The distance from point A
to point B shrinks
as we move forward
and soon the promise of tomorrow
is overwhelmed by memories.
Good memories and bad,
happy memories and sad;
there is more to look back on
than forward to.
The photo albums are stored
in the cloud of the mind,
where favorites are easily recalled
on a whim, where we can
smile and remember,
or remember and weep
for what we've lost.
An aged library
overflowing with memories
for every mood is a blessing;
we're lucky if there are those
who want to hear the stories we tell
and take them home
as treasured heirlooms.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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  1. You always know just what to say. We are lucky we have memories to look back on, and hopefully our memories will stay with us as we grow older.

    1. Thank you, Lucille. My hopes are the same as yours, that the memories stay till the end, but in a way that uncertainty makes it all the more important that we’re able to share out memories with others so they are not forgotten in the mists of time.