Poems tend to be short,
at least by comparison
to novels or short stories,
but trying to write one
every day for 30 days
can be daunting;
even more so when
you're being inspired by
random prompts,
which while generally helpful
can often leave me at a loss,
with either no idea of where to go,
or too many directions to choose from.
Today they asked for a poem
with a number in the title.
Doesn't sound too difficult does it?
Well, there I stood (figuratively speaking)
staring at a sign post with arrows
pointing in a hundred directions—
(more like metaphorically speaking)
with no clue where I wanted to go.
I have a very poor sense of direction,
geographically challenged on my best days,
and have a love/hate relationship with my GPS,
but I digress.
I mean, where DO you go with numbers?
Numbers are everywhere.
We use them for everything.
I thought about important dates.
I thought about lists.
I thought about age.
I thought about The Beatles
shouting 1-2-3-4 as they kicked off
I Saw Her Standing There.
I thought about 5-6-7-8
as my daughter practiced dance routines.
Too many choices. Too many decisions.
I tried to focus.
Take a deep breath.
Think about poetry.
Then I headed down another rabbit hole.
Counting lines, syllables, meter
for various forms.
I wrote a haiku yesterday—5-7-5.
I like short and sweet,
but I didn't want to do
2 days of ku in a row.
Seemed a bit like cheating somehow.
I finally gave up thinking,
and began writing
this poetic rant.
Some days you just have to
cross your fingers
and hope for the best.

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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