My bedtime rituals
have always included
a blessing to
dream of angels
dream good dreams
dream good dreams
and of all good things.
From my childhood,
to my children's childhood,
and even now
when there are only
two of us left in the nest,
it seems a wish
worth wishing.

The waking world is
a vivid nightmare
that we cannot seem
to wake from;
it creeps in to steal our sleep,
leaving us too drained
to battle the monsters
ceaselessly pounding at the door.

We yearn for comfort,
to rest easy,
but we are hard-pressed
to reach that peace of mind
that brings true rest.

We long for someone
to shake us awake,
softly whispering,
"It's all right. It's all right.
It was just a bad dream.”

I wish I had the power
to make the bad dreams disappear,
but that is beyond my abilities.
All I can do is
be there when you wake,
shaken and in tears,
to say it's all right.
It was just a bad dream.

It's over now.
Dream of angels.
Dream good dreams
and of all good things.

Elise Skidmore ©2020

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