You ask questions;
you always have.
You're not being nosy,
only curious,
wanting to know more
about who I am
and the experiences
that shaped my becoming.
There is never
the sense of prying;
respectful is your watchword;
confidentialities are sacred
and never breached.
No judgments made.
Empathy and kindness
join the need to understand.
In return your answers
to questions posed
are always forthright,
thoughtful, and honest.
is like Krazy Glue,
magic that secures
all bonds,
creating something
truly priceless,
to be treasured

~Elise Skidmore ©2020

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  1. Since my daughter sent me that list of questions for dads, I had fun telling her about the old days and loved her for asking. I like your poem and probably see it more clearly now than I would have a month ago. Love the graphic.

    1. Thanks so much, Malcolm. I remember seeing your posts about that list and thought it was a cool idea. It got me thinking about a lot of the long conversations I have with my eldest daughter, who has always been the sort to ask those kinds of questions, and so this poem was born.

      As for the graphic, I found it at They offer lots of free graphics and I’ve been make good use of them for a while now.